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Related article: Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 18:55:48 GMT
From: John Slut Boy
Subject: Gay Slut Adventures (First in a Series)True Story
Gay Slut Adventures Story 1Each of the Gay Slut Adventures stories is true. They are posted at the
orders of my Master, every sexual encounter is to be documented and
reported upon his approval. My Master also encourages your ideas for my
adventures please e-mail me with what slut adventure you feel I should
take. I will present it to my master for his approval and will carry it
out if given permission. Photos will be available of my black child porn actions if
possible. Photos will only be sent directly to your personal email address
when requested.SEEMYPKGHOTMAIL.COMFor failing to get rusian nude child
a boy to fuck me while I suck his asian child mpegs gym sock my Master
gave me a humiliating task that I was carry out today.I was instructed to get a butt plug and a small dildo ready for use. The
dildo and butt plug were to be packed into my gym bag with my work out
gear. I was to head to the gym for my daily work out.Once at the gym I striped my street clothes off hesitant knowing that my
ass would soon child lorita nudo be sealed off with an assplug. I was scared to death that
someone in the locker room would see my pull that cone shaped plug from my
ass and stuff it up my prelubed hole. I sex children pron looked around and when know one
was in sight I whipped it out of my bag and quickly shoved the 1" by 3" ass
plug up my tight cold hole.The pain of my ass being forced open so quickly shot right through me, I
had to catch my breath. I sat down on the bench to take a few moments and
let the foreign object invading my ass settle into position.My ass hole finally relaxed enough allowing me to but on my spandex workout
shorts and tank top. I was under strict order that I am not to wear
underwear or jock while at the gym so my already noticeable porno rape child bulge was
obvious as my dick started to grow with the plug in my ass.I did my normal work out but was hard to do many of the exercise feeling
that my ass plug could be expelled by my constant pressure applied when I
did certain routines like sit-ups. Unable to continue any more I returned
to the locker room where I was required to remove my ass plug and continue
my torment and humiliation.I didn't know exactly how to take the ass plug out with so many guys around
I was specifically told not paysites children japan
to offend anyone so I headed to the restroom
where there are two stalls both semi private. I closed the stall door
behind me and pushed until the plug was out trying to make as little noise
as possible as my ass was again forced open to expel the fat end of the
plug.I wrapped the warm and moist plug in toilet paper and hurried back to my
locker where the second installment of my punishment awaited me.I finished removing my gym clothes and discreetly wrapped the dildo I was
instructed to bring in a hand towel. I wrapped myself in towel and headed
for the steam room.I headed to the back of the steam room on the second level xxx hot child so that I could
begin black child porn working my hole with the dildo that I brought. Like a stupid slut I
forgot to bring any lube with me so had to use my spit to give the latex
cock some slip to it. There was no one in the steamroom so it made it easy
to get started.Without fail the steamroom started to fill up with men in their Speedo's
and some naked looking for a slut boy like me. I had to stop fucking my
hole with the dildo but had to leave it in to conceal it. I couldn't let
everyone know what I was doing under my towel.There I say with my dildo still in my already sore ass in a hot steamroom
waiting for an opportunity to continue my ass torture, push and pulling the
dildo in and out of my hole that had been subjected to the assplug already.When the steamroom was empty except for one guy that was obviously there
for the purpose of using his dick on a whore like me, I opened my towel to
give him a small view of a foreign object hanging out of my ass. I notice
immediately his excitement and interest.He moved over to me and began his own experiment with the dildo and his
fingers. He decided that his cock was ready to explore my hole. He
motioned for me to head child punishment otk over near the glass door so cchild erotica we could be sure not to
get caught.After a few fast fucks he couldn't control his hair trigger cum and shot on
my back, I was humiliated at having to walk back to the incest pussy child showers as his load
dripped down my back toward my ass crack.I showered as quickly as possible and retuned back to my nude child hardcore locker, realizing
the dildo was still in the steam room. I didn't go back to get it.This happened at the 24 Hour fitness if you found my dildo can you please
save it for me.Slut Boy
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